Blue Hill Foundation is a 24% co-owner of the "Blue Hill Mine", a mining project with concession numbers 14307X & 14308X, forecasted to have one of the largest copper reserves in Asia. The "Blue Hill Mine" is located in Mongolia between the two industrial giants: Russia and China. It is a large-scale mining operation seventy times the size of the Principality of Monaco. Over 8 years of geological planning has gone into the "Blue Hill Mine", with results indicating large volumes of Copper, Nickel, Cobalt, and Gold in a target area of less than 10% of the surface area. Additionally, more resources have been discovered on the remaining 90% of the surface area is currently being explored.

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5,900,000 tons


4,550,000 tons


638,280 tons


1,651 tons


The B.H.Mining-STO is a fully Swiss regulated Security Token Offering that owns 30% of the Blue Hill Mine as well as 30% of the Blue Hill Platform. B.H.Platform, is a peer to peer service connecting mine-companies, smelters, logistic companies, banks and multinational companies offering certified ethically sourced raw materials and concentrates which is currently still ineffective and opaque in the traditional way.


Blue Hill Foundation is responsible for the B.H.Mining-STO pre-sale via BHF tokens. Each BHF token has the rights to (0.00000004%) co-ownership of Blue Hill Mine. Once BHF tokens are exchanged for the fully Swiss regulated BHM tokens, you will be part owner of the Blue Hill Mine, which are digital asset backed "programmable ownership".


Asset Backed

BHF tokens has the rights to the co-ownership of the Blue Hill Mine concession numbers 14307X & 14308X via the fully regulated asset backed BHM tokens.

Exchangeable Token

BHF tokens will be exchanged automatically for BHM tokens (1 for 1) after the B.H.Mining-STO launch. Once the tokens are listed on the crypto exchange, token holders can freely trade (buy or sell) their tokens for fiat money via Bitcoin.

Limited Token Offer

BHF are limited to 140 million tokens, which is responsible for the pre-sales of the Blue Hill Mining project. This offer will end at Blue Hill Mining-STO launch.


Preferential Price

Via the BHF tokens investors can benefit from the pre-sales at a preferential price to the B.H.Mining-STO launch price. BHF tokens can be purchased using Bitcoin.


Additional drillings will take place to prove the total reserves to international standards using the best advisors in the mining industry. As well as creating a market share in this US$500 billion mining commodity market via the Blue Hill Platform.

Buyback Plan

Blue Hill Mining projects will be evaluated from Q3-2022 onwards to activate the buyback plan via a stock market listing once the underlying value of the B.H.Mine and B.H.Platform will be equal to US$30 per BHM token.


The target return of investment is up to 3,340% for the Blue Hill Mining project. By investing into the BHF one can double the ROI as the BHF tokens can be purchased for a discounted price (although BHF token prices will increase during this offering).

Meet the Blue Hill Mining Team

Dr. Kurt Becker
  • PH.D. Economist, 20 year experience in finance and capital markets. Senior- Economist at Collineo Asset Management,Sal Oppenheimjr. & Cie KGaA, Hypo Public Finance Bank, Westfälishche Hypothekenbank that was the leading European Asset Manager in Structured Finance Products with 17billon Euro (assets under management).
Eng. Franz-josef Leps
  • 40years professional experience in the mining sector as head miner and director in the management (Strategy,Investment and facility management)
Eng. Olav Haseler
  • Engineer in the sector machine building industry with more than 30 years professional experience in the mining sector
Mr. Oliver Chappell
Financial Analyst
  • Financial Analyst 26 year experience in board position in capital markets and investment banking In London and Frankfurt - VTB Bank, UBS Bank, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs.
Eng. Ansgar Diekmann
Project Engineer
  • Graduate Engineer 25 year experience in international plant construction focus asia.
Eng. Reiner Mecklenbrauck
Project Engineer
  • Graduate Engineer (mining) RWTH A achen University,30 years professional experience in the mining sector and machine building Industry In executive positions
Eng. Siegfried Ristau
Mechanical Engineer
  • Graduate Engineer in mechanical engineering, with more than 25years professional experience In plant management
Eng. Sven Kotissek
Industrial Engineering Assistant
  • Graduate in Industrial Engineering, (Bachelor), University of Dortmund, project manager and IT expert, analyst in financial engineering and simulations since 2 years
Yannick Becker
Economics Assistant
  • Graduate in Economics (Bachelor), University of Dortmund, high school lecturer, project manager, analyst in financing since 2 years

Meet the Blue Hill Mining Advisors


One of the world’s biggest engineering companies with more than 6,000 employees, offices in more than 30 countries, currently working on projects in 150 countries


Canadian company specialized in the mining industry with more than 6,500 employees operate from more than 165 offices Golder performs work for over half of the world’s top mining companies.


AGH University of Science and Technology, the Economic Geology Centre is an institute which belongs to the AGH University in Krakow