Blue Hill Foundation has evolved into a magazine-style publication featuring a diverse group of authors with varying political perspectives. The composition of our authors changes over time, influencing the content and approach of our posts.

Our publication covers a broad spectrum of topics deemed important by each author in the realms of economics, both theoretical and practical, domestic and global trade, taxes, law, politics, global warming, water, and our ‘wars’ on policy and human levels.

While our contributors may change, we maintain a consistent upfront bias about how we perceive the workings of the world. This stance is clearly stated on our masthead and should come as no surprise. Fundamentally, we operate with a humanitarian underpinning, emphasizing the need to consider and thoroughly think through how economic dynamics impact individuals who drive the economy, be they influential or marginal.

At Blue Hill Foundation, we don’t view government intervention as “just a problem.” Recognizing that government plays a positive role in our lives is part of our foundational philosophy. Currently, this perspective aligns with the consensus in the US, acknowledging the multifaceted nature of government involvement, encompassing social aspects and national security. It’s seen as a matter of preference rather than an absolute stance.

Our editorial approach at Blue Hill Foundation embraces a libertarian ethos. Our writers possess good judgment and boundaries, allowing for diverse perspectives and approaches to interpreting data and addressing specific issues. While our contributors may not always agree, they tend to adopt heterodox and eclectic viewpoints. This characteristic serves as both a strength and a weakness; readers can come to Blue Hill Foundation to encounter different perspectives, but they won’t always find content that aligns with their pre-existing viewpoints.

Encouraging links to research or individuals we consider learned, we avoid relying solely on original content. Learning to navigate and interpret data is crucial, as relying on slogans hinders meaningful debate. While numerous blogs present various viewpoints and philosophical understandings, we’ve chosen a distinct route for our posts at Blue Hill Foundation. Our commitment lies in offering readers an alternative perspective that challenges and broadens their understanding, even if it may not always be reassuring to their existing beliefs.